396 Brunswick Ave. Gardiner Maine 04345

About Us

Enviromentally Friendly

Fall 2017 we upgraded our touchless auto bay system to improve wash quality while using less water and agents to clean and protect your vehicle.  We use  filtered reclaim water for undercarriage cleaning and to help prevent the self-bay wands from freezing. Our reverse osmosis system filters out minerals leaving a spot free rinse. This new system take less than a minute longer than before, we think you will find it is worth it. 

Professional Service

We offer four tiers of services in our touchless auto-bay, have three self-bays and one commercial truck self bay. The vacuum island has three vacuums, one is a super vac (great for dog hair) and one offers scents to freshen up the inside of your vehicle. Gardiner Car and Truck was is open 24/7 except when extreme temperatures warrant closing. Big red CLOSED signs on the doors and cones will alert you when driving by and the status will be posted on our Facebook page. 

Our Promise

Since our purchase in January 2017, we strive to make each visit pleasant and satisfying. Although this is a self service facility, one of the owners is on premises daily. We have our telephone number posted in every bay including the auto bay and encourage customers to contact us immediately if you experience any type of failure or disappointment.  Calls in the wee hours of the night are answered the following morning when messages are left.

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Gardiner Car and Truck Wash

396 Brunswick Ave., Gardiner ME 04345

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We are open 24/7 except during severe cold periods.

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